About me

Hello there and welcome in my travel journal!

My name is Dario and I’m an adventurer from the very first days of my existence. I am only in my twenties but I already have experience with traveling and trips.  I am strongly interested in the multi – culturalism and the way we can see it in day – to – day life.

I started  travelling around the world from day one of my life. At the beginning I didn’t realise what was happening around me but while I was growing up my curiosity of the existing difference in the people, places and everything surrounding me has also been expanding.

Here I am now. I created this virtual space with lots of love and motivation. Here I’m going to write about all the travels I’ve done as well as giving some advice and ideas on your future adventures.

I am always up for ideas from you, so be my guest and just message me! You can find the contact information in the contacts section.