About me

Hello and welcome to my messy electronic travelbook!

My name is Dario and I am an active fighter against the boring urban everyday life. I find myself somewhere in the early thirties of my life and I do my best to spend most of my time in a different places. That is how I am fully engaged into practicing my rights as an active citizen of the world.

At first, I did not understand anything from what was happening around me, but as time was passing by, I realized how diverse the world is and not meant to stay at the same place. In reverse – we should be constantly active and curious for the new experience, people, culture, and much more!

Getting into my mature years, as mentioned previously, I started to describe my adventures into publications, with the idea to not only remember them but to also inspire more people for organizing a getaway adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Roll your sleeves and start planning your next adventure with loved ones (or without)!